Stop struggling with regulations and requirements and start building your business again.

USA handles the paperwork, keeps you in compliance and saves you money. We’ll handle the non-productive, non-revenue producing chores like:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Workers Compensation
  • Disability benefits
  • Health Care
  • Federal Unemployment
  • State Unemployment
  • Benefits Report
  • Records management

Save up to 17% by switching your payroll and benefits to USA’s Contractor program!

Plus pay-as-you-go coverage to help you budget!


You should be in the field making money, not in the office writing reports and providing coverage!

Regulations and Paperwork Halt Productivity…

The average small business spends 20 to 25 percent of its time on non-productive; non-revenue producing activities. Time wasted on these activities is time taken away from managing your business and producing sales and profits. Imagine what you can accomplish when you have someone who knows your business inside and out.

Customized USA Reports & Benefits Revive Productivity

Let us prove we know the Construction business better than our competition: Here’s a great example: We help construction companies recover the portion of their social security and Medicare contributions made against tips claimed by their wait staff using form 8846. Most accountants and construction companies owners don’t even know about this!

We customize data that our competitors don’t…

We can help structure your benefits to minimize your payroll burden and save you money…

How? By knowing the construction industry and our industry better than any of our competitors. Switch today and start building your business again.