Risk Management

USA has a thirty-year track record of successful risk engineering that keeps companies safe and boosts their bottom line.  Our team helps improve overall employee safety, strengthen programs and equip companies to deal with emerging issues.

We identify threats and mitigate or eliminate their impact. USA performs risk management analyses; then develops a tailored plan, oversees its implementation and tracks results.

Risk Management Components include:

Loss Identification & Control

Our Safety Control Engineers identify and isolate potential hazards and develop tailor-made loss prevention strategies and programs.  Risk analysis involves onsite inspections, review of safety records, materials, and programs at your business locations, as well as interviews with management and staff.

Safety and Loss Control

USA develops Engineering Safety and Loss Control Programs that mitigate potential losses and fosters safety. We monitor implementation, conduct periodic inspections, make recommendations and issue appropriate directives to assure an effective Safety and Loss Control program.

Early Claim Reporting

We manage your claims reporting.  Early reporting of claims and responsive intervention reduces costs of work-related injuries.

Case Management

USA’s case management operation minimizes medical costs and reduces lost time claims.

Return to Work Program

USA identifies alternate duties that the employee can perform given any physical or functional limitations.  When necessary, rehabilitation plans are designed to promote rapid and successful recovery.

Our Risk Management Program delivers because of its comprehensive nature. When your company runs efficiently, you increase productivity and profits. United Services Administration is your competitive advantage.